2 cell USB charger
  • 2 cell USB charger 1-2 AA or AAA NiCd/NiMH

    SKU: NC2200USB

    The enecharger NC200USB is a USB input charger designed for 1 or 2 NiCd or NiMH AAA & AA cells.


    Chic compact design making this charger look similar to flash memory stick that can be hung from a key ring.

    Batteries can be recharged from any powered device with USB input/output. Ideal for batteries used in digital and audio products. 
    Features include a protective cap for when not in use and LED charge indicator display when in charge mode.

    Battery Capacity, Size, Chemistry & Charge time

    • 2700mAh AA NiMH 19 hours
    • 2500mAh AA NiMH 18 hours
    • 2300mAh AA NiMH 16 hours 
    • 2000mAh AA NiMH 14 hours 
    • 1000mAh AAA NiMH 7 hours
    • 800mAh AAA NiMH 6 hours