Comfy's ear plugs
  • Comfy's ear plugs

    Australia's most comfortable re-useable Earplug
    So comfortable you'll throw the others away!


    • Made for Swimmers, Musicians, Motorcycle riders, partners who snore and much more
    • Easy to mold and extremely comfortable to wear
    • No pressure within the ears
    • Stops water getting in your ears 100%
    • Seals over your ear canal not within
    • Re-useable for up to 6 weeks
    • Noise reduction of up to 33 decibels!
    • The more you wear them, the softer they become
    • One size fits all ears - you won't be disappointed
    • Australia's favourite Ear Plug
    • Great for plane travel
    • Not suitable for small children, chocking hazard keep out of reach
    • Do not fully insert in the ear canal
    • Wash your hands before inserting anything into your ears
    • Non Toxic
    • Read instructions carefully
    • Just like underwear, these cannot be refunded